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Elite Romance 2018: Newly Published in 2018

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Elite Romance 2018: Newly Published in 2018

Today, our featured posts are books that I read that I loved that were published this past year in 2018!!! There are so many goodies, so let me know in the comments below which ones you loved reading the most.

I loved this book here, its one of my favorite books that this author has produced. Its a contemporary gothic like romance that takes place in New Orleans. I loved the sexy times, the mystery to be solved, and the gothic like feels to the story.

I just loved what Rhenna Morgan has done with this new series of hers, simply fantastic here. I just couldn’t put this one down, it had so much deliciousness packed into it.

I just love this world that Lynsay Sands has created, the humor and adventures are so fun!! I just can’t get enough of it. And this one was a fun addition to the series.

I just LOVED this book so much, its a enemies to lovers with plenty of fun angst but boy Katee Robert can do no wrong because this book was such pleasure to read especially the suspense elements that I didn’t see coming.

This is a book I was so so excited to read ALL year and it was well worth the wait, so dang good. I just loved Cassie’s book. She kicked ass in every way.

These books are so so wonderful here. I just couldn’t put them down, highly recommend getting them all and reading them right after each other since there are cliffhangers. But the writing is superb.

This is a story that I liked, its not a favorite of mine but I really loved the historical relevance about bride buying and Sophie Jordan did a great job with writing this element in the story. And such a beautiful cover.

This book was fantastic, although I have seen many mixed reviews on it. But I had fun with this new series and all the fun characters that we were introduced to!!!

Okay this is the BEST book that this author has written so far. I had a blast with this pairing, and so much fun bantering.

This was such a delightful read and I found this book to be just as good as the first book in the series. Its full of drama and adventure and mystery and even some pirate treasure!!

Getting Schooled is such a great book, and so worth the read or the listen. Both are great!! And I love the way that this author showed what teachers really have to deal with.

Okay this was my first time reading this author that was a success!! This book had everything and more. So much fun humor, great cast of characters and such a page turner.

I just love this book so much and my favorite from this series. Everything was amazing about this book and one of the best books that was released this year for sure.

This book is simply well worth the wait, I have been waiting for their book for quite a while and love the Chaos MC.

I was nervous to read this book but it was simply fantastic!!! Its brutal, intense and full of drama but superbly written!!!

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