Elite Romance 2018: New Series

Elite Romance 2018: New Series

Welcome to another day of Elite Romance!!! Its been so much fun sharing with you all my favorite books and so today we are talking about new series that i am hooked on that I fell in love with.

Rock Chick

I recently started this series and its fantastic and I don’t know why I kept putting this series off because these books are some of the best I have read by this author here. I just love her work and the humor, friendship and sexy love stories are to die for!!!

The House Of Rohan

There is something so sensually wicked about the House of Rohan and the books that are written here. I just love the darker/gothic like themes in these books and the powerful sexual tension. I just adore each pairing, and are so unique of each other. And in each book we have a Heavenly Host party setting which is unique.

The Lucky Penny Ranch

I adored this book and is my favorite Carolyn Brown book. Even though this is the middle of the series, I just became so drawn in with this family and the Lucky Penny Ranch and such endearing characters and such a charming small town feel.

The Dark In You

I just adore this whole series, I read them in only a few days and couldn’t put these books down. I love series surrounding one couple and with each book having a happy ending too. Just seeing the growth in their relationship was so fun.

Brooklyn Bruisers

I just love these Brooklyn Bruisers and each book has been such a blast to read and I am so glad that these books were on the audible romance package because they were fantastic to listen to. I am addicted to hockey romance and this series is the BEST I have read so far.


I adore this series so far even if I have only listened to the first book but I really admired the way this author handled her world building, simply superbly written.

Jamison Valley

There is something so unique about these book and I just devoured Devney Perry’s style of writing and I like how the characters interact with each other in the series. I can’t wait to finish it in 2019.

Ice Planet Barbarians

I have LOVED and adored these books here. They are simply superb and I think that Ruby Dixon has done such a great job with the world building and the heroes are to DIE for, they are so sweet and tender with their mates. I love it.

Clean Slate Ranch

I haven’t read much M/M romance this year however I discovered this trilogy and its AMAZING!!! I just couldn’t put these books down. I love the humor, sexy times and so much emotion it had me in tears. Truly inspiring.

Blood Type

So I don’t see vampire romances around as much since they aren’t as common or popular as they used to be though. I really had a fun time with this trilogy though, it kept me on the edge all the way through and broke me in different ways and I LOVED every minute of it. Need more KA Linde in my life.

The Bareknuckled Bastards

So this new series is FANTASTIC. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this author doesn’t always work for me, but I had so much fun with this book and no sex scenes were done inside….this author certainly got creative and I loved that she is dealing the the underworld of London, very refreshing.

de Wolf Pack

I have become addicted to this family and all the fun members that we are introduced to. Its nice that you don’t need to read these books in order, they are easily read as stand a lones but you also see the family connections some more pronounced than others. If you love medieval romance, this is a series to give a shot.


This is such a fun and unique series and I love the friendship of these five women that start a sexy resturaunt together and what they individually bring to their project and their love lives. Each book has been so sweet and endearing.

Torpedo Ink

I really love this tough gritty new series of CF and so well done. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but this book really fit in the MC world so perfectly. It can get a bit dark at times like most MC romances, but done so well.

Fantasy Land

I love Epic Fantasy and these books are amazing so far and I am so glad that I finally picked them up. She handled the world building perfectly and I was drawn in so easily. Couldn’t PUT THEM DOWN!!!