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Elite New Series of 2017

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

The Mount Trilogy

I had such a fun time with this trilogy, it features the same couple and their journey over three books. You do need to read these in order but boy were they good!! I loved everything about it, edgy….dark….sexy and emotionally provacative. I will say that the cliffhangers on book one and two really worked me so hard. This is not an easy group of books to read, but if you love a dark romance, than this trilogy is a must read for you. We see such growth in their relationship and seeing the change in these characters is simply amazing and will work your emotions.

Seven Brides For Seven Scotsman series

This new series has been so fun to read!! It offers such unique qualities. Seven Scottish Brothers who have moved to America, and settled out west with a sheep ranch. Love this brotherly bond they share with each other and the unique women that capture their hearts. If you liked the play “seven brides for seven brothers” you just might get a kick out of this series.

Boudreaux Family

I always fall for the sexy New Orleans setting and this series I just picked up a few months ago is pretty wonderful. I LOVE this family so much, they are so hilarious. Each sibling deals with some unique emotional vulnerability and I love seeing these siblings find love even though ironically they are all a bit cynical about serious relationships. Love the southern charm that is displayed and some fun moments that makes you smile.

Coming Home Trilogy

This trilogy was all released this year and boy what a group of books. I feel so hard for this series and this wonderful endearing family. This story satisfied every romantic need I have in my romance novels and this author wrote these great in depth stories with no nonsense drama that I fell hard for.

Haven Brotherhood

I have to say that this author really shocked me in delight in how much I truly enjoyed this series. And what a fast writer she is, because she is popping these books out so quickly and we don’t have to wait a year for a release which is awesome. But I love these group of men who look out for each other and protect one another and the brotherhood they form is awesome. So unique from most MC series you read.

Forbidden Hearts

Alisha Rai is a new author and I just started this series a couple of months ago and FELL in love with these books here. I love forbidden romances, but these diverse sexy romances are so unique and different and Rai is so talented in her books.

Scarred Souls

Tillie Cole is quite fantastic and another winning author when it comes to dark romance. What impressed me most about this series was the way that these books are written that are a bit different from what you normally see in a dark romance. I really adored these books and so much fun they were. There is quite a bit of suspense and intrigue and it saddened me to see what these heroes go through but it also makes you think about reality in a different way than you expect.

Stark Trilogy

What a joy this series was to read, and I kept hearing so many wonderful things about this  author and just wanting more great erotic romance like these books. For a while now, I have struggled with this sub genre in romance, and fell hard for these books here. J.Kenner writes the style of erotic romance that works for me because it has such balance with emotional intimacy. Its not all about the sex, it has a strong focus on the “love story” too.

Fairy Tale Quartet

This is a new series by Linda Kage and I am in LOVE!!! This is the first book but I can’t wait for the author to write more books. Because one I adore fairy tale retellings especially with unique elements. I just admired the way this book was written and so different from what you would expect and I can’t wait to see which fairy tale she will touch on next!! 🙂

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  1. The Book Disciple

    Oh you have some interesting picks here I haven’t checked out yet. I did grab book one of the scarred souls series with a Christmas GC though! I’ve heard great things about Alicia Rai as well!

  2. Anna@herding cats&burning soup

    Ahhh I’ve not done any of them. But Morgan’s series is on my TBR pile. Once I finish up my NG list I’m hoping to dive in 🙂

  3. Michele H

    Stark Trilogy, yay!! Did you see there’s a new full length book, Lost With Me, due out in 2018 about Nikki & Damien? Squee!!


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