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Elite Books I Am Most Looking Forward To 2018

by | Dec 31, 2017 | End of Year Survey | 7 comments

Its New Years Eve and so this is where we begin to focus on the New Year!!! There are so many fabulous books coming out this year. And some of these books I have been waiting YEARS on!!!! It is a bit of a long list, so I apologize but there are so many goodies to look forward to.

Lorraine Heath is an auto author for me, she always has been and to this day that hasn’t changed at all. Her writing is so compelling and emotionally driven and writes the sexiest romances. Her characters are flawed and real and the types you wish are real. The reason I am so stoked for this book is the HERO!! HE is not a duke or a lord or a viscount….he worked in business and has a yummy alpha tendancies.

EEK!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book because it feels like forever that I have been waiting on it when in reality its only been about six months…but STILLL I am so excited. The idea of a biker PNR romance from one of my favorite authors, has me so STOKED because I have a feeling this book will be EPIC!!

I adore this author so much, she is so talented but honestly I think the cover alone would make me want to grab this book up ASAP!!! However, there is more to this story than meets the eye and I can’t wait to delve into this book with a bayou setting and a mystery to solve!!

Suzanne Enoch is one of those authors that I will always read, even if her books are just okay, I just love her work for the most part. I got hooked on her young and have never fallen out of love!! And this series of hers is AWESOMESAUCE!!! So I can’t wait for this one and love this dramatic cover here.

I have no clue if this book will be coming out this year or not, the information I have is Feb 2018 but it probably won’t be that soon. But crossing my fingers that it will be this year since there have been so many delays on this. I understand the reasons why, however I CANT WAIT for it. I am still waiting to hear back from the author. So lets all hope we get luck enough this year to have this released right?

So it feels like I have been waiting on this book for like forever, I have adored this O Malley family, and this book is a bittersweet feeling to be honest. Because its the last book, and even though I have been looking forward to this pair, I also am sad to see this family go. But what a BLAST they have been and hope they get their HEA they all deserve.

Thanks to Book Twins Reviews (which if you haven’t checked out their blog….do so NOW its amazing) And I want this series in my hands like NOW!! And what a sexy tender cover right? I just love the way they are holding each other. Like they never want to let go. Yeah I am a cheesy romantic…so sue me hehe I want this book and I can’t wait for it.

First off….COVER HOTNESS!!! Yes I am a cover whore, and this is one of my favorites this year. I am holy moly….where is this man, I would so time travel to the medieval highlands to grab this man up. But honestly once you get past the gorgeous cover, look at the blurb because yeah it sounds even better. A rebel heroine who turns pirate to save her clan??? HOOYAH!!

I will admit that lately I have lost touch with this author and her heroines I don’t really care for always. Too modern heroines for my taste but this cover is pure tempation. So I will probably grab this up and see if I like her books or if I don’t.

Okay I love the cover but I DONT!! Its gorgeous of course, but so not historically at all. You would NEVER see that dress except in the modern era right? But I love pink so I love it hehe And I am looking forward to this one, since the heroine is one that I love. She is sassy and spirited and talented. And its Lisa Kleypas, so I will always read her no matter what.

When you bring together a spymaster and a princess….BRING IT ON!! Plus its Sabrina Jeffries and how can you resist right? Because I ADORE this author so much. So I am super excited to read this. I did receive an ARC, so I will be picking this one up very soon. And I want to know the secret of flirting so I can master it hehe

Okay so this is one of my TOP picks for what I am anticipating this year. ONe….its a fantasy romance and I swear this sub genre in romance is just not written in enough?? Anyone agree? And second….these are the best books I have read from this author. And she just made me so eager for some dragons, I just loved the culure she introduced in the most previous book So I Married A Sorcerer so I can’t wait to see what she does with this delicious drabon hero and look at that body??? Can you resist, because I can’t.

So I discovered Alisha Rai this year and LOVE her so much. And I think we are about the same age and both single which is cool. Most authors my age are married with kids, make me jealous hehe But I love her writing. And these diverse characters she writes are so endearing and wonderful.

If you love vampires this series is for you. I just love this world of vampires because there is such a scientific reason behind their existence and I LOVE that. Its reasonable and logical and these books are so funny. I just crack myself up over these books.

I LOVE this series so much, its Lora Leigh’s best work. Now why am I so excited for this book?? Because its CASSIE’S story. I have been waiting for her book for years now. So I am so excited. This is the top most excited book I have on this list. And the prologue I read was beyond awesome. I do hope the hero is good enough for our Cass.

I love Anne Gracie so much, but haven’t read her in a little while. But when I heard of this book I was so excited for it. Marry In Scandal, is about a shy heroine (I love shy heroines) who is forced to marry a rake—-Love this trope so I can’t wait and what a gorgeous cover right? I mean her dress, the fan, and the beautiful garden backdrop.

So there really isn’t a major reason why I am excited for this book other than the fact that its Jennifer Ashley, its another installment in the Shifter Unbound series and I love the colors of the cover. And from the blurb, it sounds like it will be an edge of your seat story. So I can’t wait for it.

Okay so I just hooked on this author so I can’t wait for this book, and yeah I like a shirtless man kiss on the neck…so SEXY!! Because kisses are the neck are hot!! That is all.

So I haven’t read this author, but this stand alone sounds too good to pass up. And yeah the billionaire trope is overdone, but this book sounds different than your average Billionaire romance so I am definitely going to be grabbing it up.

I am so excited for this book especially when I was so impressed with book one. This book is set in the gilded age in New York City. We have a office type romance and their relationship has a more “forbidden” theme to it.

I just started reading this series and LOVE it so much and plus its Kate Meader so it has to be good right? And I love a hockey player that is Scottish??!! YUMMY.

YES!!! Kate and Curran…..Curran and Kate!! One of the best written couples ever in romance fiction!! And yes I consider this romance even if its UF, I still consider it romance because these two rock and I love seeing their relationship grow through these books. And I am just hoping that this finale will rock!!! My hopes are for some great action, Kate’s dad to go away, some kickassing by Kate and some rough around the edges actions by Curran and some intense battle scenes that will make this on the edge of your seat FUN!!

This Ferraro family is so amazing, and I have adored every book so far. I love this edgy dark like romance that is amazing. And Shadow Keeper should be amazing. Each of the siblings deserve to have someone to love them, because they have been through hell since they were kids, and my heart breaks for what they went through here. So I love seeing with each book, them finding themselves more peace and learning to love and being loved.

I have really enjoyed reading this author, and she is one of the few that writes Regency in the way I love to read it. And what a cover right? I love the mixture of colors, its like looking at a rainbow of sensuality.

YEP!!!! SO THRILLED FOR THIS BOOK!! First off, its Nalini Singh, so you have to be stoked for this book here. And I am loving this world that Singh has created, and seeing more hidden depths. And I have been so curious about the Black Sea changelings, so I am pretty excited. What about you?

I have never read this author, but I hear her writing is sophisticated and classy and I can’t wait. And yeah the cover is totally playing a part in me wanting to grab this up.

Yep another Lorraine Heath because its Heath of course!! And second, this cover is SEXY, I just love this romantic pose they have here. And the purple tones is beautiful. So I don’t even need to read the blurb to want to grab this up and yes I will be buying this one.

I am in love with this series, and this is probably the best cover so far because kilt, abs, hair flowing in the wind….YEP I am wanting it. GIMME GIMME GIMME!! And its Aulay’s book, so I just can’t wait to read his book.

I am really excited for this book, especially when I was pulled into this author’s writing with book one. And I love some sexy law romance!!!

I am pretty stoked for this book, I think the cover here is yummy and just makes me want to grab it up.

The first book was so wonderful, so I am pretty excited for book 2, and I do love a sexy cowoby and Wilde writes them so well!!!

YES …MORE HAVEN BROTHERHOOOD, so I am so so very excited for this book because these books are amazing!!! And yeah the cover is HOT!! And its Beckett’s book and the teaser Rhenna Morgan has shared on her site makes me wish I could get my hands on it now!!

So What Books Are You Most Anticipating For Year 2018?


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  1. Jenea Whittington

    Midnight Sins is one I am really looking forward to as well. There are few more you have listed that I am definitely curious about.

  2. Quinn's Book Nook

    I know, I am really hoping Highland Ever After comes out this year, too. It probably won’t, or at least not in the beginning of the year, but I’m crossing my fingers!

  3. Tonya Lucas

    I have 2 books I can’t wait to come out. Linda Broday’s – To Catch A Texas Star and Kari Lynn Dell’s Fearless In Texas.

  4. Jess @ Books and Sensibility

    Great picks ! 2018 is going to be a good year for romance. The Sabrina Jefferies is intriguing, I also really want to get in on that Gilded Age series.

  5. Michele H

    Can I just say “Yes” to the whole list and be done with it? LOL! Nalini Singh, Kate Meader, Lori Wilde, Kerrelyn Sparks, Christine Feehan…sigh. Molly Harper, Jennifer Ryan and Christina Lauren all have new stuff this year too. Squee!

  6. Christy LoveOfBooks

    Hell yes to Magic Triumphs. I’m so sad it’ll be the last though. And I think I have Midnight Sins for review … It’ll be my first book by her. Hope all your reads are amazing in 2018!

  7. Rowena

    A bit fat YASSSSSSSSS to a lot of this list. I want to read so many of the books listed here that I’m doing my happy dance just reading through this post. So much goodness here, Renee. So.much.goodness.


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