Christmas Break

Merry Christmas

So I have been debating whether or not I as planning on taking a break this next week and I think I will be starting Monday. I am still planning on posting reviews…but that is all I am doing. I won’t be posting any blog features or anything other than reviews so I can keep up on those and I don’t have a ton in the first few days I am back hehe. So I will definitely have the blog running…just slowing things down a bit. I want to refresh myself for the upcoming year, rest, relax and just focus on reading and spending time with my family. So I will probably take a step back from social media as well.

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Years with your loved ones!!!


15 thoughts on “Christmas Break

  1. I don’t blame you taking break, Renee. I always take a break from blogging from Christmas Eve until the New Year.
    During the holidays, I always read something I don’t normally read. This year I’m catching up with J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and reading The Shadows. I think I might be getting Patricia Cornwell’s latest novel for Christmas from my husband. My son finishes work on Wednesday and doesn’t go back until 4th January and so I get time to spend time with him as well.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  2. Happy Holidays. I am going to be taking a step back after tomorrow as well. I need a break, and I am planning on spending it with my family. See you back in 2016.

    1. hehe Karen…..I have been reading…just taking a break from the blog and social media except writing a few reviews and doing maintenance. But good for you for taking a break from reading….I tried and only lasted a day 🙂

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