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Title: Yankee's Lady by Kay McMahon

Tags: American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: March 1 1986
Genre: ,

The first time golden-haired Rachel Montgomery touched the Union intruder, she struck him with a chair to escape her imprisonment. But just as she was about to slip away, the virile bluecoat grabbed her in a breathless grip and the headstrong beauty was trapped against his arrogant broad chest. She wrestled against his superior strength, she fought to flee the dangerous desire he ignited in her. Then his lips descended on hers ... and this time Rachel touched him with a bold fiery caress that told him -- despite the war -- that she yearned to be conquered by his overpowering love.

Major Damien Sheffield was determined to end the bloodshed between the States as soon as he could and he wasn't about to let a spoiled Southern belle delay his plans. Then the tricky wench attacked him like a cougar -- and the handsome officer had to admire her courage against the odds. He gazed at her dark eyes flashing hatred, then glanced lower down to survey her velvet flesh and lush curves. At that moment, Damien swore there was one war he would win: again and again he would vanquish the Confederate temptress until she begged to be the Yankee's Lady.

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