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Title: Wild Magnolia by Wanda Owen

Tags: American-Antebellum Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: February 1 1992
Genre: ,
Pages: 448

Innocent Louisiana belle Angelique Dupree was weary of the wealthy aristocratic suitor her parents had chosen for her. She treasured her few afternoons of freedom, when shed take a carriage ride along the river and dream of a lover who'd awaken her passions. Then she saw a tall, bare-chested fisherman standing on the deck of his boat, and recognized the man of her dreams. She longed to feel his strong hands on her burning flesh, taste his fiery kisses, and surrender to love's forbidden mysteries. And though her Creole family might scorn the poor bayou fisherman, Angelique dared to defy her heritage for one night of passion with the man shed always longed for... no matter what the morning might bring!

Scott O'Roarke had been born and raised on the bayou, and plenty of comely maidens were all too willing to share his kisses and become his bride. The rugged Irishman was generous with his caresses, but he never gave away his heart... until the day the lovely Creole belle appeared on the dock and cast a spell on his senses. Blinded to the obstacles to their love, he boldly arranged a moonlit meeting in the gardens of her plantation home, then made a solemn vow: he would kiss the lovely Angelique until, drunk with passion, shed yield to his ardent embrace and beg him to carry her to the heights of rapture in a night of loving she would never forget

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