Wild Is My Love by Janelle Taylor

Title: Wild Is My Love by Janelle Taylor
Series: Viking Fantasy #1

Tags: Ladies of the Knights, Celtic Era,

Published by: Pinnacle
Release Date: January 1 1994
Pages: 374

In the lush forest outside the castle walls, Princess Alysa meets a mysterious stranger named Prince Gavin. It is like a dream--Gavin sweeps into her life when her father's kingdom, crumbling at the hands of bandits and brigands, is in dire need of rescue. It is a land darkened by strife, where nothing is safe -- not Braiain, not her family...and not Alysa's heart.

Irresistibly, deliciously, Alysa surrenders to Gavin's tender kisses and possessive embrace. Bonded by deep desire and need, trapped in a plot to destroy her legacy, Alysa and Gavin become forbidden partners in a secret and wild love...a fiery rapture that drives them to battle jealousy and treachery as they fight to claim a future for their endless passion...

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