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Title: Ward by Leigh Greenwood
Series: The Cowboy #2

Tags: Accidental Pregnancy, Secret Baby,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: September 1 1997
Pages: 400

The freedom of the range, the bawling of the longhorns, the lonesome night watch beneath a vast, starry sky--they get into a man's blood until he knew there was nothing better than the life of a cowboy ... except the love of a good woman.

Devastated by a ruthless betrayal, disillusioned by the War Between the States, Ward Dillon swore he'd escape his bitter past and start anew ... even if he had to abandon his heart's desire. So the San Antonio doctor traded his medical practice for the rugged life of the open trail, refined society for the company of rough-and-ready cowpokes. Yet what hope, what harmony, what hint of happiness could be his without the woman he'd left behind, the beauty who haunted his dreams? And when Marina tracked Ward down on the windswept Texas plains, how could he resist the burning brand of passion that had once brought them searing ecstasy and promised the only peace possible for his embattled heart?

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