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Title: Viking's Prize by Tanya Anne Crosby

Tags: Vikings,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: April 1 1994
Pages: 384

Betrothed to a count after spending most of her young life in a French priory, the beautiful Elienor is kidnapped by a golden-haired Viking warrior whose touch awakens her innermost passions.

In a fury of bloodlust and retribution, the Norse warriors storm Brouillard castle and take their vengeance as their leader claims his prize -- the breathtakingly beautiful Elienor. Carried onto the high seas by Alarik, her golden-haired captor, Elienor is shocked and humiliated as she trembles not from fear, but from the desire his brazen touch awakens in her.

Yet even in the land where he rules with an iron hand, Alarik is held mesmerized by ethereal violet eyes that see into his very soul -- and beyond. Beguiled and bewildered by her strange dreams and her fiery spirit he can barely control the passions she arouses in him. But tempted as he is to claim her and savor the pleasures of his fair prize, it is her heart he has sworn to possess and chersh forever....

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