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Title: Viking! by Connie Mason

Tags: Vikings,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: October 1 2002
Pages: 394

The first time he saw her she was clad in nothing but moonlight and mist and the midnight cloud of her lustrous hair. And from that moment, Thorne the Relentless knew he'd been bewitched by the maiden bathing in the forest pool.

How else to explain the torrid dreams that haunted his nights, the fierce longing that kept his hard-muscled warrior's body in a constant state of arousal? Thorne knew of only one way to combat the witch's spell --- to capture her in a Viking raid and make her his own. But once the deed was done, he found himself, still more enchanted by his lovely thrall. Could Fiona be speaking the truth when she claimed it was not sorcery that bound him to her, but the powerful yearning of his ... VIKING HEART

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