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Title: Viking Warrior by Connie Mason

Tags: Dark Ages Era,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: November 1 2008
Pages: 307

He Would Never Forgive

After a brutal attack on his farmstead, Wulfric the Ruthless had sworn vengeance on the Danish raiders for killing his young wife. But when he laid eyes on Reyna the Dane all he could see was a woman of extraordinary beauty, with flowing hair the color of moonlight and the body any Valkyrie would envy. She was his thrall, gifted to him by his brother to warm his bed. Could the beautiful healer also ease the fire burning in his heart?

She Would Never Forget

Stolen from her home by wild Norsemen, Reyna would always remember the face of the barbarian who's destroyed her life. When she first caught sight of her new master, she though he was the very man she'd vowed to hate forever. But Wulf's golden body and seductive kisses awoke very different feelings within her. As one deliciously long Northern light blended into another, she realized he was no longer her enemy but her beloved... Viking Warrior

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