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Title: Unmasked by Virginia Henley

Tags: England-Restoration Era,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: September 6 2006
Pages: 416

Thirteen years ago, Alex Greysteel Montgomery, an Earl and double agent—now working to restore King Charles II to the throne—was betrothed to the impetuous Velvet Cavendish. Their parents saw the engagement as a business opportunity—and although Greysteel has always had an affinity for Velvet, she has not returned his affections.

Once reunited with Greysteel, Velvet is determined to break their bond—for she has her sights set on none other than King Charles II himself. But Greysteel is equally determined to wed the fiery beauty who has stirred him like no other. Now he'll do anything to conquer—and rule—her heart.

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