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Title: Unconquered by Bertrice Small

Tags: American-Revolution Era,

Published by: Ballantine Books
Release Date: February 12 1984
Pages: 448

Brilliant, Outspoken, Willful - No One Dared Challenge Stunning Miranda’s Wild Ways... Except Jared Dunham.

Betrothed to this wildcat in a pact that allowed Miranda to remain mistress of her ancestral home off the New England coast, the roguish merchant adventurer turns his wife’s burning rage to searing ecstasy as he fires her most wanton desires.

But time are dangerous - Napoleon is plundering the continents and seas. Miranda’s spirited ways and breathtaking sensuality will plunger her into perilous escapades of brutality and erotic discovery - from the war torn Crimea and the savage slave breeding farm to a terrifying capture and grueling trek to Istanbul.

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