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Title: The Vixen Princess by Cornelia Amiri

Tags: England-Anglo Saxon Era,

Published by: Awe Struck
Release Date: February 1 2006
Pages: 202

In the dark days of the Saxon Wars, an unlikely pair, King Arthur's champion, Mabon, a hardened warrior, renowned for his Roman military skill, who gave up on a family long ago to dedicate his life to serving king and country is thrown together with Nesta. Yes, the spunky young princess from The Fox Prince is back. Nesta has grown into a fiery, voluptuous, middle-aged widow. Gwydion's dead and Nesta has no children ... 5th century society and her relatives say she needs to get a new protector for Taunton and marry well. But Nesta venomously disagrees. She can protect Tauton as well as any warrior, she has nephews for heirs, and she will never find another man like Gwydion. There is none. Suitors come from far across Britannia to woo her but she sends them all away. Nesta decides that instead of settling down what she needs is action. Something meaningful to do with her life. So with Gwydion's sword in hand, Nesta rides oft to war to fight the Saxons under the leadership of the new war leader a 15-year-old lad named Arthur. To Maben's horror, Gwydion's ghost is called forth from the grave on a quest to bring the comely, much sought after, headstrong, fiery, sword wielding widow together with the dark, quiet, brooding tall, muscular warrior, and open their lonely, locked hearts with the magic of love. Will the ghost ever get through to them or will these two warriors continue to battle falling in love as hard as they fight the Saxons? Will love win in the end or has it finally met its match with these two hardened warrior hearts?

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