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Title: The Trail Blazers by Lee Davis Willoughby
Series: The Making of America #43

Tags: Wagon Train,

Published by: Dell Publishing
Release Date: December 28 1983
Genre: ,
Pages: 319

Independence, Mo., 1832:
Two Mystery Women Join a Band of Trail Blazers Headed Westward into Danger...

A large party of trappers and adventurers led by Captain Ben Bonneville, on leave from the U.S. Army, and guided by the legendary frontiersman Joe Walker, left Independence in search of a new way West. Well-supplied, their venture was full of promise-but strangely dogged by conflict and bad luck.

Young Gabe McCain, who had the only maps of the unknown land beyond, ran afoul of the arrogant Drummond Stewart, a wealthy easterner who'd helped to finance the journey-and found himself locked in a fierce blood-feud with a dangerous renegade named Ned Tankard.

When the party was joined by a mysterious white woman and her beautiful half-Indian daughter, the stage was set for calamity, as the warring Bonneville wagon train headed into the hostile, uncharted West.

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