The Princess and the Barbarian by Betina Krahn

Title: The Princess and the Barbarian by Betina Krahn

Tags: Warlord Heroes,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: August 28 1993
Genre: ,
Pages: 407

Jewel of the Realm

Lovely, tempestuous and devoted to her subjects, Princess Thera must marry before she can be crowned Queen of Mercia. But her reluctant search for a husband has plunged her into gravest peril—and into the arms of a handsome barbarian.

Diamond in the Rough

Powerful, hot-blooded, as cunning as he is untamed, Saxxe Rouen rescues Thera from a band of savage mercenaries—only to demand as his reward three nights of pleasure in the royal beauty's bed.

The Princess and the Barbarian

Even as all Mercia falls victim to Saxxe's raw, beguiling charm, the proud princess vows to resist the scoundrel who has breached the battlements of her sheltered world. But a passionate, irresistible yearning entreats Thera to surrender her heart and kingdom to this sun-bronzed warrior who would vanquish her enemies to win her steadfast love.

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