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Title: The Pagan's Prize by Miriam Minger
Series: Captive Brides Collection #3

Tags: Kidnapping, Vikings,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: January 1 1993
Pages: 321

The bold Viking warrior Rurik traveled alone on a mission of conquest. But along the way a golden-haired captive inflamed him with longing. He took up his sword to defend her--then swore to claim her for his own.

A beautiful Russian princess betrayed by treachery, Zora spurned the powerful man who held her prisoner--and vowed never to yield. He had been sent as a spy to pave the way for her people's surrender. But his furious hunger for her heated touch--and her aching need for his burning caress--led to a fiery passion that was a greater prize than any kingdom.

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