The Outlaw and the Lady by Lorraine Heath

Title: The Outlaw and the Lady by Lorraine Heath
Series: Daughters of Fortune #1

Tags: Bad Boy Heroes, Secret or Mistaken Identity, Western, American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: October 2 2001
Genre: ,
Pages: 384

Innocent Angela Bainbridge knows her dreams of a fairy-tale wedding and finding passion in a man's embrace can never come true. So when she's swept into the arms of—and kidnapped by—notorious Lee Raven she's both righteously angry...and curiously captivated. There's something about this brazen outlaw that awakens Angela's desires. She knows any crimes he's committed are for the protection of his family, but Angela realizes that a lifetime together with Lee can never be...

Lee Raven knows he's only two steps ahead of the law. But this innocent beauty has his head spinning and his heart longing for something more than a life on the run. She's made it clear that she's determined to discover all of his secrets—but how can he let her learn what's hidden in his past? And how can he let her give him her heart today, when he can't evenpromise her tomorrow?

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