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Title: The Most Wanted Bachelor by Susan Kay Law

Tags: American-South Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: June 6 2000
Genre: ,
Pages: 384

Kathryn set her sights on the most-wanted bachelor in Denver. But, once she realizes his love is worth more than his loot, will she be forgiven?

Daniel Sellington is a desperate man--every woman around wants to be his blushing bride, but do they want him ... or his money? The only way to find out is for him to give his wealth away. And when he meets Kathryn Jordan, the one gal in town who doesn't seem to know who he is, Daniel thinks he's found his dream woman. Suddenly he's pursuing the spirited beauty with the same hungry determination he's run from in the past.

Kathryn's goal is to marry Daniel by any means possible, even if she must deceive him. After all, his fortune will save her family and avenge her father's name. But Kathryn soon realizes that the passion she's found in his arms is worth far more than the cash in his bank account. Now, Kathryn must convince Daniel that she's married the most wanted bachelor for love--before she loses him forever.

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