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Title: Merry Widow by Meagan McKinney

Tags: Canadian-Post 1867 Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: November 1 2000
Pages: 349

Nationally bestselling author Meagan McKinney is one of today's most accomplished writers, admired and beloved for her compelling stories, complex and interesting characters, wit and intelligence. Her historical romances have won her a special place in the hearts of readers and reviewers alike. "The Merry Widow" is Meagan McKinney -- and historical romance -- at its very best.

In "The Merry Widow", McKinney sweeps us back to the year 1855, from the Arctic's shimmering frozen wasteland to the glittering ballrooms of New York's elite -- and into the life of the daring woman who journeys through both to claim the elusive man she loves.


The way Rachel Howland saw it, Noel Magnus, wealthy publisher and New York's most eligible bachelor, had been seduced--by a legendary black opal and the lure of adventure. To conquer the Arctic, Magnus had traded Manhattan's elegant ballrooms and glittering luxury for the brutal life of an explorer--and even the passion Rachel had so willingly shared with him was no match for that...


Running her father's saloon on remote Herschel Island, Rachel had clung to her dreams of civilized society for years--until Magnus arrived and Rachel allowed herself to believe those dreams might come true. But when Magnus's promises proved empty, Rachel decided to claim happiness the only way she knew how. She would go to New York alone, introducing herself not only as Magnus's wife, but as his widow. After all, Magnus would never come back.

Then one day there was a knock at the door...

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