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Title: The Maiden's Revenge by Hillary Fields

Tags: Lady Pirates,

Published by: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Release Date: January 15 2000
Pages: 352

One of the fiercest pirates on the Main, the legendary Captain Thorne can raid a ship and wield a cutlass with the best. Woe betide any man who desires to get past the tempered steel to the woman holding it. Lynnette Blackthorne-- a.k.a. Captain Thorne-- sails the high seas with only one goal: vengeance against the man who murdered her sister. Nothing will stand in her way-- especially not a silver-eyed rogue with the power to make her tremble and lose her wits to the madness of passion.

Everything that matters to Captain Daniel Bradley-- his ship, his business, his future -- has been stolen away by this beautiful buccaneer now holding him for ransom. His desire to kiss that smug look off her face is rivaled only by his determination to beat her at her own game. He's never encountered a threat he hasn't conquered, and no half-sized pirate wench is going to break his record of victory.

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