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Title: The Love Within by Penelope Neri
Series: Viking Trilogy #3


Published by: Zebra
Release Date: June 1 1997
Pages: 319

Award-winning author Penelope Neri completes her acclaimed Viking trilogy with the spellbinding story of an Irish-Viking prince cursed by a hellish fate—and the aristocratic, British beauty who risks her life to love him.

A chill mist blankets the verdant hills of 9th-century Eire, while in far-off Britain Edana of Kenley waits for the blue-blooded nobleman betrothed to her when they were children. But the fierce, emerald-eyed stranger who gallops up to her castle is not her bridegroom.

A hooded falcon perches on his shoulder. A silver-and-black wolf shadows his every step. He is called Kerrin, the "Dark One," feared by man and beast alike. His mission is to escort Edana to her bridegroom's distant keep. Yet from the moment they meet, Edana is swept away by her passion for this sensual, mysterious warrior who is haunted by a legacy of blood and treachery...even as he hungers for the love that could set him free.

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