The Lily and the Hawk by Marlene Suson

Title: The Lily and the Hawk by Marlene Suson

Tags: Actress Heroines,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: June 1 1993
Pages: 378

The Lily
The reigning belle of Bath's Theatre Royal, Lily Culhane is no man's mistress, but a consummate actress offstage--playing the popularity game with a host of rakish admirers for whom she feels only contempt.

The Hawk
Notorious for his scandalous conquests among the ladies of the theatre, the Earl of Hawkhurst has set his sights on the most coveted prize of all.

The Lily And The Hawk
But the spirited enchantress plays by her own rules. And despite the passion that blazes between them, the dark-eyed seducer discovers there is only one way he can win this game of hearts. The Hawk must love the Lily.

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