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Title: The Last Dance by Nan Ryan

Tags: American-Turn of the 20th Century Era,

Published by: Medallion Press
Release Date: December 1 2003
Pages: 310

Lucy Hart is setting out on the first adventure of her life on the verge of turning 30, and the overly responsible Postmistress of Colonias, New York is planning to meet a man in Atlantic City. Only known to her from their three year correspondence, she is hoping to find her life begin with this virtual stranger. Blackie Laduke is taking a vacation from a life overflowing with adventure, escaping the heat of New York City, along with matrimonial heat coming his way, roguish Blackie is intrigued when Lucy mistakes him for her intended companion. At first, he enjoys shocking the prim Lucy, but he soon finds himself wanting to be a man worthy of her interest. When these two very different worlds collide, can a life together begin after the last dance?

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