The Irish Enchantress by Amy J. Fetzer

Title: The Irish Enchantress by Amy J. Fetzer
Series: The Irish Trilogy #2

Tags: Celtic Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: March 1 2001
Pages: 383

Destined To Rule

Banished from her home, Fionna O'Donnel is powerless to intervene when mercenary English knight Raymond DeClare is awarded GleannTaise Castle. An outcast among her clan and her gift of enchantment feared, Fionna cannot stand idly by as her people come to harm at the hands of a man whose life she once saved—a man who holds her kin's destiny beneath his sword while offering dangerous temptation with his searing kisses.

Bewitched By Desire

The cost of DeClare's reward for valiant combat is twofold—he must safeguard GleannTaise, and take an Irish bride. Yet he can do neither with Fionna's bewitching presence haunting him at every turn—and he will not accept her faith in magick to restore the castle to its former glory. But as passion burns like a flame between them, the cloak of Fionna's secrets and shame is torn away, and DeClare must choose between the dictates of pride and the love of a woman who has enchanted his heart.

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