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Title: The Ground She Walks Upon by Meagan McKinney

Tags: Ireland-Various Eras,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: May 1 1995

In the winderness of her soul, Ravenna knew she could marry only for love. Yet the violet-eyed granddaughter of a witch was in mysterious thrall to the master of County Lir. He was Niall, Lord Trevallyan, who wore a serpent ring, twin to her own, an aristocra who rejected her, then tried to make her his slave. She was a woman now, but unaware of their shared destiny—and the risk of drowning in he green eyes of a man she'd learned to hate.

He wanted more than her body: no less than her soul. The ravishing beauty who had turned Niall Trevallyan's blood to fire was destined o be his, by a secret curse he reviled and an ancient set of rings that would unite them forever. The lord who ruled the county was pledged to win her love—but to do so, he had to set free the beauty he burned to possess...

The Ground She Walks Upon
Its mesmerizing story of passion and destiny is Meagan McKinney's finest yet, a breathtaking novel that will linger in the memory long after the last, passionate refrain.

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