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Title: The Great Alone by Janet Dailey

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Pocket Books
Release Date: April 10 1993

Through seven generations and two-hundred years, the Tarakanov family will carve civilizations out of an untamed wilderness. In the 18th century, she is forced to choose between her beloved Cossack, Andrei, and the future of the Aleut tribe. Zachar, fated to love the gorgeous, dangerous Raven of the rival Tinglets, will betray his tribe's greatest secret. Marisha runs away with a handsome Klondike prospector, but finds her fortune as Glory St. Clair, Alaska's most beautiful and notorious madam. Wylie Cole is a man of courage and skill that harkens back to the fortitude of his Indian forebears, will play a vital role in the defense of his homeland during World War II--and the glories in the birth of the Alaskan state. These and other fascinating characters will play out a drama epic in scope, as captivating as Alaska itself. Glorious and grand, THE GREAT ALONE is an astounding achievement in storytelling

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