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Title: The Golden Barbarian by Iris Johansen
Series: Sedikhan #1

Tags: Rake/Rogue Heroes, Sheikh Heroes, Warlord Heroes, Royal Heroines, Harem,

Published by: Bantam Books
Release Date: April 1 1992
Genre: ,
Pages: 352

From the halls of a palatial prison to the hot sands of an endless desert...

Here is a timeless story of love and adventure set among hills of gold, warring tribes, and fabled kingdoms—the story of a fearless princess and a barbarian sheikh....

She was a ravishing pawn in a game of politics and passion...

Flaunting the oppressive destiny decreed for her by the kingdom of Tamrovia, Princess Theresa Christina Rubinoff struck a sensual bargain with a handsome barbarian chieftain. She vowed to play his seductive game, surrendering herself to his will, all the while determined to fight for her independence in a land that considered women only as playthings.

Mysterious as the desert night, rich as Midas, Galen ben Rashid swept Tess away to his palace in exotic Sedikhan, offering her freedom in exchange for the marriage that would join their kingdoms. A man surrounded by enemies, he would make her a slave to his passion in order to bind her to his side, little knowing that when he took the captivating princess as his bride, he would lose his heart.

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