The Game by Brenda Joyce

Title: The Game by Brenda Joyce
Series: The deWarenne Dynasty #3

Tags: Pirate Heroes, England-Tudor Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: February 26 2008
Pages: 480

The Players
Released from the sanctuary of a French convent, highborn, tempestuous Katherine FitzGerald sets sail for her beloved Ireland—only to find herself prisoner of the infamous pirate known to the Elizabethans as the Master of the Seas.

The Moves
The pirate captain is Liam O’Neill, favored by Elizabeth the Queen. A hardened court player, he is determined to win the wilful Katherine while advancing his own secret causes. But now he must risk everything he cherishes in order to triumph at a very treacherous game—through heartbreaking deception…and by breaking all the rules.

The Game has begun…

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