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Title: The Falcon and the Dove by Bonnie Vanak
Series: Khamsin: Warriors of the Wind #1

tags: Scientist Heroines, Harem, Interracial Romance, Egypt-Various Time Periods-Era,

Release Date: November 2002
Pages: 308

In the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, there was born a love that could never be broken--that of a young queen and a great warrior. And while the warrior's duty to combat the infidel was strict, and though his beloved was the wife of Pharaoh, the two would be separated only by death. But then only for a time.

Elizabeth Summers came to the dig at Akhetaten in 1892. Great things were being discovered! English archaeologists had made huge advances, and Egypt's fantastic history was being laid bare. But Elizabeth had not come to simply study history--she was to be a part of it. Swept away by desert raiders, the pale beauty found herself in the arms of a great sheikh. And while Elizabeth didn't know whether she was the reincarnation of an ancient queen, she realized that in this man's arms she had found her destiny

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