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Title: The English Heiress by Roberta Gellis
Series: Heiress #1

Tags: France-French Revolution Era,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: September 15 1980
Genre: ,

Leonie de Conyers’ life had been destroyed by the French Revolution. Her mother and brother had died in the prison where she had been raped and starved for no greater crime than her father’s title. And her father had died in the escape engineered by an utter stranger, who claimed he had come to bring her to England where she would inherit the property and wealth of an uncle. After what had happened to her, did Leonie dare to believe in such altruism?

Roger St. Eyre’s life had been destroyed by the girl he fell passionately in love with. Solange did not love him; she was selfish and vicious and extravagant. By the time she died, Roger felt dead himself. Perhaps he was hoping for the peace death brings when he set out to wrest his old friend Henry de Conyers from the murderous grip of the French Revolution.
Instead Roger and Leonie both found love and reasons to live—if they could escape exposure to the revolutionary fanatics ... and their favorite toy, the guillotine.

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