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Title: The Dragon Prince by Mary Gillgannon

Tags: England-Camelot and Arthurian Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 2002
Pages: 347

Divided By War . . . United By Passion

The son of famed Welsh warlord Maelgwyn the Great, Rhun has the ruthless blood of a warrior in his veins. A soldier who has never flinched in his dedication to King Arthur's cause, Rhun can't imagine that one moment of kindness will alter the course of his future—and the destiny of his people.

For as the Britons struggle to maintain supremacy over the invading Saxons, he encounters Eastra, a breathtaking Saxon princess who presents a powerful temptation to his masculine desires.

But when Eastra, both enemy and treasure, offers herself as a sacrifice in the battle between the warring tribes, Rhun will test the limits of valor and the reaches of his heart to uphold his duty . . . and claim a love for all time

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