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Title: The Conquered Heart by Denee Cody

Tags: Ireland-Medieval Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: July 1 1995

As pretenders fight for the Irish throne...

When her father is dethroned by a usurper, Eve MacMurrough, Princess of Leinster, is forced to wed Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke. Cursing her fate, she vows never to give her heart to the despised Norman baron who may be her destiny but will never be her desire.

A man and a woman find a love that will heal the wounds of treachery...

Once one of the most powerful noblemen in Wales, de Clare has lost his prized lands to satisfy King Henry II's insatiable greed. Now dispatched to Ireland to help MacMurrough regain his realm, de Clare is determined to reclaim his own pride and riches...never dreaming that the conquest of land will pale beside the rapturous passion his new bride awakens in his soul.

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