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Title: The Captain's Captive by Christine Dorsey
Series: Knox #2

Tags: American-War of 1812 Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: September 1 1991
Pages: 415


American captain Jonathan Knox relentlessly sailed the seas in search of the British ship that held his brother captive. He hadn't meant to waste time taking prisoners from his latest conquest, but when he learned the lovely passenger Charlotte Winston was not only his enemy's betrothed but an English general's daughter to boot, he couldn't very well let the chit go. Besides, she was quite a tempting morsel, with those big dark eyes and that smooth creamy skin. He would just have to keep her very close indeed until she told him all she knew --- and gave him all she had!


How dare that Yankee captain keep her locked in his cabin! Charlotte knew nothing that could help him --- and she wouldn't tell if she did. She struggled to keep her hatred for her arrogant captor at a fever pitch, but it was desire, not fury, that was soon heating her traitorous flesh. For she couldn't deny how much she wanted Jonathan's demanding kisses, how she yearned to feel the warmth of his lips against her skin. She was imprisoned by passion now, and would forever be...THE CAPTAIN'S CAPTIVE

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