The Black Rose by Christina Skye

Title: The Black Rose by Christina Skye
Series: Dangerous Heroes #1

Tags: Smuggler Heroes,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: July 1 1991
Pages: 512

Calling card of the infamous Romney Fox
Smuggler, scoundrel, probable traitor, and spy, he plundered the rich and gave to the poor. Men toasted him, women whispered his name like a prayer. Deserted and deceived, exquisite Tess Leighton, emerald-eyed temptress, would do anything to save her family estate-even masquerade as the Fox himself....

A challenge to the Viscount Ravenhurst
Scarred by war, betrayed in love, Dane St. Pierre returned from Trafalgar determined to wreak vengeance on Tess, the reckless, willful woman who had turned his heart to ashes yet still haunted his fevered dreams. Now he alone knew her dangerous secret and swore she'd pay the price...

A summons to danger and adventure.
In a storm of treachery and high treason, they would be swept into battle on enemy seas. From the rugged Sussex coast to the wave-swept isles of Brittany, a tender torment of remembered passion bound them, plunging them into a danger beyond imagining, a desire beyond restraining...into the dark, rapturous secrets of...BLACK ROSE

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