The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux

Title: The Black Lyon by Jude Deveraux
Series: Montgomery/Taggert #1

Tags: Knight Heroes, Tortured Heroes, Ladies of the Knights,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: January 30 2007
Pages: 276

Darkly handsome and rich beyond imagining, the bold English conqueror was called Lyon for his-lion like fierceness. He had no match among enemies, or women ... until he met Lyonene, the green-eyed beauty whose fiery spirit matched his own. Through a whirlwind romance and stormy marriage, she endured every peril to be by his side... until jealousy and vicious lies drove her across the Irish Sea and into grave danger. One man could save her -- only the fierce Black Lyon had the courage to destroy the ruthless plot that had driven them apart and threatened the bond of love they had vowed could never be broken.

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