The Beauty and the Spy by Gayle Callen

Title: The Beauty and the Spy by Gayle Callen
Series: Spies and Lovers #2

Tags: Spy Heroes, Enemies To Lovers, Kidnapping, Road Trip Adventure, England-Victorian Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: September 28 2004
Genre: ,
Pages: 373

For the many romance fans who can't get enough of romances set in England, as well as fans of Christina Dodd.

He kidnapped her to keep her safe, but the captor soon becomes a captive when she turns on her charm and has him falling in love.

Nicholas Wright is a spy. It's what he loves to do – his calling, even. His current mission brings him home to England, where he's on the trail of a spy.

When his plans are overheard by one Charlotte Sinclair, he has no choice but to kidnap her to keep her safe.

But Charlotte is not your typical London socialite and her wit, intelligence and beauty all threaten to corrupt Nick's resolve to never fall in love.

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