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Title: The Barbarian by Judith E. French
Series: Alexander Trilogy #2

Tags: Egypt-Various Time Periods-Era,

Published by: Leisure
Release Date: August 1 2004
Pages: 351

Surrounded by the exotic luxuries of ancient Alexandria, courted by the world's most powerful men, Roxanne was a woman of privilege—and one with no memory of her past. Flashes of recollection bewildered her: images of a man as golden as any god, of a tiny baby torn too soon from her loving arms.

Then one starless night a stranger entered her silken chamber, startling her with his dark savagery, seducing her with his sensual mastery. Did he hold the key to the mysteries that plagued her? His tale of empires won and lost, of passion and betrayal, seemed too fantastic to be true, but her heart told her one thing was as certain as the rising of the sun: She had once given all her love to this daring warrior, had pledged her hand and her honor to...The Barbarian.

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