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Title: Texas Outlaw by Adrienne deWolfe
Series: Wild Texas Nights #1

Tags: American-South Era,

Published by: Fanfare
Release Date: November 1 1995
Pages: 368

With her violet eyes and sultry smile, Fancy Holleday knew there wash t a man alive she couldn't charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart. And that included federal marshal Cord Rawlins. The rugged lawman might have tracked her down, but it was a long way to the jail, time enough for Fancy to lure the handsome Texan into sin. Cord Rawlins was sworn to uphold the law. Yet when this brazen lady train robber got the best of him, hunting her down became a matter of honor. Now, all he wants is to reach Carson City and turn his shameless prisoner in -- until he discovers that beneath Fancy's wicked ways lie a secret sorrow and a desperate longing that could steal his heart.

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