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Title: Tender Betrayal by Rosanne Bittner

Tags; American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Bantam
Release Date: September 1 1993
Pages: 494


Beautiful, proud Audra Brennan felt like a stranger in a foreign land when she came north from Louisiana to study music the summer she was seventeen. But when she savored her first forbidden taste of desire in the arms of handsome lawyer Lee Jeffreys, his caresses sparked a flame within her that burned away the differences between rebel and Yankee, all objections silenced by the fierce beating of two wild hearts falling impetuously, impossibly in love.


Suddenly cannon fire shattered the country --- and their newfound joy in each other. Principled, impassioned, and committed to a nation united, Lee answered the call to fight against the Confederacy, while Audra hurried home to a plantation shadowed by the darkening cloud of war. All through the violent days and hellish nights, Lee never fogot the spirited beauty who'd captured his heart. And as Audra endured the heartache and loss that would transform a pampered young belle into a woman of courage, she dreamed of a new life in an untamed land. But could she surrender her rebel's heart of the only man who'd ever possess her soul?

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