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Title: Tempest by Sandra Dubay

Tags: Guardian and Ward,

Release Date: January 1 1989

Young and achingly beautiful, Dyanna McBride was as impressionable as the heroines of her beloved Gothick novels. So when she heard that Lord Justin Deville had been appointed her guardian, she felt sure he would be a ruthless tyrant.

Golden-haired and devastatingly handsome, Justin had the face of au angel, but the heart of a devil. One look in, his mesmerizing eyes sent a delicious thrill of terror down Dyanna's spine. And one searing kiss melted her resolve to oppose him at all costs.

Confined hi his isolated country manor amid flashing lightning and howling wind, helpless beneath his hard-muscled body, Dyanna knew her heart was lost as she surrendered to love's wildest raging...Tempest.

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