Taming of the Wolf by Deborah Simmons

Title: Taming The Wolf by Deborah Simmons
Series: The De Burghs #1

Tags: Knight Heroes,

Published by: Harlequin
Release Date: September 1995
Pages: 299

Champion of Her Heart

Though Marion Warenne's past was but a dim nightmare, her present held a vision of glory - the formidable Dunstan de Burgh. A fierce knight who was determined to win their battle of wills, all the while protesting mightily that he did not believe in love.

Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex, had ofttimes heard himself likened to a wolf on the prowl: fierce, brave and ever-alert to danger. How so, then, could one soft-eyed damsel escape his watchful eye time and time again? And even more dangerous, slip past his guard and find her way into his heart?

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