Sweet Prairie Passion by Rosanne Bittner

Title: Sweet Prairie Passion by Rosanne Bittner
Series: Savage Destiny #1

Tags: Native American Heroes, Wagon Train,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: June 1 1996
Pages: 463

Where the mountains reared up to kiss the sky, where the land stretched out to a vast, distant sea -- that's where Abigail Trent was heading. But the moment the spirited lovely girl set eyes on the handsome Cheyenne brave, she instantly knew that no life was worth living if it wasn't by the side of the Indian scout.

Together they fought nature's violence on the harsh, unmapped plains; together explored their passion on the stark, hostile frontier. And as they journeyed westward through America's endless forests and fertile acres, their desire deepened into love. A forbidden dream blossomed into a courageous vision, and they set out to forge a destiny of their own!

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