Swan Road by Rebecca Brandewyne

Title: Swan Road by Rebecca Brandewyne

Tags: Warlord Heroes, Vikings, Wales-Medieval Era,

Published by: Love Spell
Release Date: July 1 2001
Pages: 400

Standing on the cliff edge, Rhowenna let her black hair blow wildly in the sea wind, knowing the time for her destiny had come. Her gift of the Welsh "second sight" had brought a vivid vision of her future: one of a man far more passionate than the callous English prince who was her betrothed. Her true fate must be with the raiding Norseman on the red-sailed ship she saw coming across the sea ... the blond-haired giant who stepped out of her dreams and into her arms ... the Viking Wulfgar Bloodaxe who was her enemy and wanted her to be his mate. For here, at last, was a man able to ignite a desire no king could extinguish, and no force on earth could end.
This historical romance is from the author of "Desire in Disguise" and "Upon a Moon Dark Moor"

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