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Title: Sun God by Nan Ryan

Tags: American-Turn of the 19th Century Era,

Published by: Harlequin
Release Date: May 1 2005
Pages: 440

He was a savage warrior determined to make her his slave of love.

Her beauty had spilled blood on Texas soil...

In a blaze of glory, ravishing young Amy Sullivan took him as her lover. In an agony of torment, she drove him away to save his life. She had tried to forget him by marrying another man. But now, ten years later, he had returned, a fierce stranger determined to make her his slave.

His pride demanded satisfaction—in flesh...

To his enemies he was El Capitán Luiz Quintano. The son of a Spanish grandee and an Aztec princess, Tonatiuh was now a military commander. He had learned to guard his heart even as he gave his body with a passion born of vegneance and hate. He thought he could destroy her. But the love she gave was real, a maelstrom of fury, remorse, and desire that would engulf them both in its tidal depths.

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