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Title: Stormswept Caress by Pamela Caldwell

Tags: East Asia-Various Time Periods-Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 1992
Pages: 416

Flaxen haired heiress Margaret Belleweather had traveled halfway around the world in search of her errant brother. Now, in sin filled Singapore, where every misfit and black sheep ended up, she had come almost to the end of her search. Determined to comb the high seas and visit every exotic port of call, Margaret wheedled her way aboard a clipper ship captained by Richard Jensen, a swashbuckling adventurer whose every glance made her blush. The tropical nights were long and hot, and as the Java flew over the azure seas, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Margaret's British restraint relaxed, her passions bloomed. She knew she must invite Richards fiery touch, feel his broad chest against her delicate body, and know at last the ecstasy of love's fulfillment just for one night. Captain Richard Jensen rarely took passengers on the Java, and never did he let a woman on board. He'd left his bitter past on the American frontier, and his sleek ship was mistress enough for him. The hauntingly lovely English miss had made him weaken for a moment, but he'd keep her at arms length, for sure. But when the sun kissed her long golden hair and the reflection of the oceans waves danced in her lovely eyes, the tough-minded captains arms reached out to hold her, just this once. But the moment his lips touched hers, he was lost. No ocean was wide enough, no voyage long enough to sate the desire she had awakened. He would savor her lush caresses, and together they would crest the waves of passion in a rising tide of rapture

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