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Title: Starfinder by Patricia Potter
Series: Star #2

Tags: American-Colonial Era,

Published by: Bantam
Release Date: November 3 1998
Pages: 448

Ian Sutherland should have hanged for his treason against the British Crown, along with his brother and the other Scottish freedom fighters. But he was spared, only to be shipped to Maryland and sold as an indentured servant—a fate worse than the death he'd expected. Ian has sworn nothing will stop him from escaping and returning to Scotland to salvage what's left of his clan, until his master's sudden death leaves a young widow, Fancy Marsh, alone to care for her family—and to keep her cruel, covetous brother-in-law from taking what's rightfully hers. Honor compels Ian to help Fancy, and love, stronger than a bondsman's chains, binds their souls. Yet Robert Marsh will not relinquish his claim on Fancy without a struggle, and Ian finds he is forced to fight again—for his love...and his life.

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