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Title: Something Shady by Pamela Morsi
Series: Small Town Swains #2

Tags: American-Turn of the 20th Century Era,

Published by: Jove
Release Date: July 1 1995
Pages: 326

Gertrude Barkley, unmarried and unapologetic, had already caused a lot of talk in Venice, Missouri, with her independent ways and her book-writing career. But when she bobbed her waist-length hair, the town gossips had a field day.

Mikolai Stefanski didn't know what all the fuss was about. In fact, he rather liked Gertrude's daring new look. A proud Polish immigrant who had managed to become Venice's most successful businessman, Mikolai had always admired Gertrude's rebellious spunk--if only from afar. After all, he believed in doing things his own way, too--though he wasn't quite as flamboyant about it.

They had lived in the same sleepy town for a long time. But it would take a scandalous discovery--and a wild misunderstanding--to make them appreciate each other in a whole new way.

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