Something More by Winnie Griggs

Title: Something More by Winnie Griggs

Tags: Mail Order Bride Heroines,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: November 1 2001
Pages: 311

Elthia Sinclare travels to Texas to become a governess. She arrives to find six children, not two; a man who had ordered a bride, not a teacher; and a household that needs someone to cook and clean, not read Latin. But worse than marrying Caleb Tanner is returning home in defeat, so the former socialite says I do and goes to work--burning meals, flooding the kitchen -- loving the children. And butting heads with her new spouse. Until Elthia realizes she has learned how to stand on her own two feet and fallen head over heels for her handsome husband. Now, her biggest challenge is to convince the stubborn rancher their arrangement is something more than just a temporary marriage. It is a union of two soul mates.

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